Pewter is major domestic consumer of our tin and as much as 97% tin is found in the composition of Malaysia Pewter. The balances antimony and copper. The range of Malaysian Pewter is very wide – beer mugs, ash trays, cigarette boxes, tea & coffee sets, vases, goblets, pitcher, candle stand, photo frame and trays.

Located off the Federal Highway, 24 kilometer from Kuala Lumpur, is the new state capital of Selangor . It is a fast growing industrial town as well as a residential and educational center housing the massive complex of the Mara Institute of Technology. At Batu Tiga is the well-known racing ground where motor racing.

The satellite town of Petaling Jaya, which started as a suburb town of Kuala Lumpur, is now a self-contained town will all the modern amenities – schools, cinemas, supermarkets, shopping center and recreation parks. It is also an industrial center housing a large number of major local and international industrial concerns.

This Selangor `s Royal Town. Not to be missed on a visit to this town are the fine Royal Mosque and theRoyal Palace – the “ Istana Shah Alam “.

These majestic caves containing a Hindu Shrine, lie 13 Kilometer north of Kuala Lumpur. During the Hindu Religious Festival of Thaipusam, processing of Kavadi bearing devotees climb the 272 steps to the Cathedral Cave, The spectacular Dark Caves are situated three-quarter way up the Cathedral Caves. The Museum Caves, at the foot of the caves, houses an interesting display of Hindu Mythology.

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