Charming heritage buildings linger on against the contemporary backdrop of modern Kuala Lumpur. They reflect a fascinating history and evoke memories of a bygone era. Approx : 6 HOURS Pick-up Time : 0845-0900 hours

After a stroll through the settlement we will break for a sumptuous seafood lunch. The journey back will take us to Shah Alam Mosque with the third largest dome in the world. The journey starts with a drive to Port Klang and passes through the following areas: Petaling Jaya (Drive Pass) Shah Alam Mosque (Visit Stop) Klang (Drive Pass) The ferry boat journey from Port Klang takes 45 minutes. View Malaysia’s bustling main port as the ferry meanders through tranquil mangrove swamps. Crab island- A thriving fishing settlement of about half a century old with a unique way of life every institution and facility is on stilts and above. APPROX : 8 HOURS Pick-up Time : 0830-0900 Hours

DEPART TIME 0900 hours

  • Destination:
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Price: MYR 70

APPROX: 3½ hours DEPARTURE TIME: 0845-0900 1345-1400

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