About Yaji Travel & Tours

Yaji Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd is a establish Tour Company registered with The Ministry of Tourism Malaysia (KPL/LN : 3540/1).

Our team consists of experienced professional guides (for 17 years), aims to provide quality inbound tours and services such as City and Country Tour.

Which means that talking to one of our tour specialist about a destination is like knowing someone who lives there. We’ll show you the places you’d never have found without our inside knowledge; the real culture, the restaurants the locals use.

But we don’t just help you realise your dream itinerary or  a dream journey for you. We’re also in daily touch with our partners across Malaysia. People who have the professionalism and local knowledge to guide on the ground; making sure your holiday is the ultimate travel experience.

Our Objectives

The objects for which the Company is established are :

To carry on Business as tourist and travel agents and contractors, and to facilitate tourism and traveling, and to provide for tourist, travellers holiday-makers and vacationers.

To promote and provision of all whatsoever amenities, conveniences and facilities including passages, tickets, through tickets, circular tickets, sleeping cars and berths, reserved places, and carriage and transport of all kinds, including the hire of form or system of transport.

To provide hotel and lodging facilities and all other kinds of accommodation, guides, safe deposits, inquiry bureaus, libraries, baggage transport and otherwise.

To provide all whatsoever amenities requirement and services convenient, expedient and necessary for persons touring, holding develop, promote, operate, manage , work and control holiday resort and camps, vacation centre and to arrange, organize and manage tours all kinds;

To arrange organize and manage, cruises journey, tours, travels, trips, voyages and expeditions.

To promoted , organize and manage amusements, carnivals, cinemas, circuses, entertainments, exhibitions, fairs, festivals, playground, theaters, shows, plays, games competitions, contest, races, sports and recreation of all kinds.

To provide and manage all whatsoever arenas, courses, courts fields, gymnasium halls, pitches, pools, rings, rinks,stadium, tracks and places thereof.

Why Choose Us?

The Experience
The experience to help enhance your itinerary – or tailor-make you an entire tour!
The Knowledge
Expert local knowledge and regional, on-the-ground guides so you enjoy the ultimate experience
The Budget
Budget-centric journey planning and attention to detail
The Specialization
Specialists in tour & travel holidays, wildlife safaris, cruises, beach and adventure vacations, special occasions and family holidays
The Responsibility
Responsible tourism, sustaining local culture, wildlife habitats and eco-systems



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